Do I need to provide the cleaning supplies?

No. The Cleaning Ladies will provide ALL cleaning chemicals and equipment. If you have a preferred product you wish to provide please contact our office with your special requests and/or instructions.

Do the cleaning ladies use "green" chemicals?

It depends. After various years of research and practice, we have found that some "green" chemicals are not as effective as our regular chemicals but we use them where we see fit. Simply put, we use the ideal chemical that gets the job done safely and efficiently. You do not have to worry about any odor or harmful toxins that are left behind after our cleaning. We make it important to leave your property with a refreshing aroma that is both pleasant and inviting. We also make it a priority to thoroughly rinse all areas that are sanitized and disinfected leaving a surface that is healthy and safe for all. If you do have a preference of what chemicals are used at your property, please contact us today and we will accommodate your needs and requests. If you wish to have a list of our current chemicals that we use in the properties that we service, one can and will be provided upon your request.

Do The Cleaning Ladies provide consumable products (i.e. toilet paper, paper towels, etc.)?

Yes. If desired, The Cleaning Ladies can provide consumable products to our Commercial Customers including but not limited to: multi-folds or roll towels, toilet paper, hand soap, and trash liners. Please understand these consumables come as an added expense and will be billed in addition to the monthly Cleaning Rate.

What if I want a special cleaner used on a special item or area?

You can leave the requested product out and we will be happy to use it as requested. Please call our office with your special requests and instructions before your scheduled service so we can instruct your Cleaning Team properly.

Do you clean windows for residential customers?

Yes. Please contact us to schedule this Special Service and receive pricing information.

How many people will you send to service my property?

1 to 4 people depending on the size or intensity of the job.

Will the same cleaners come to my property each time?

Yes. We prefer to send the same cleaner to each and every one of our locations because we like our customers to build relationships with their cleaners. Also, the cleaners will be more familiar and comfortable with your property if they clean it regularly.

What do I do with my indoor pets?

Pets are no issue for us at all. It is our priority to safeguard and keep them in designated areas. However, if you have a large or aggressive pet, we kindly ask that you please separate the dog from our Cleaning Team while they are cleaning.

How do I pay for my service?

We currently accept check or cash payments. We will make an announcement in the near future once we are ready to take credit cards as applicable forms of payment. For Residential Customers, all payments must be left at the serviced property on each visit. Commercial Customers are sent a monthly Account Statement at the end of each service month and are expected to comply with the payment instructions that accompany each statement to avoid any Late Fees. Commercial customers will receive an Account Statement ONLY if there are any balances owed for the prior service month. All checks must be made payable to "THE CLEANING LADIES, LLC". We try to be as flexible as possible when it comes to receiving payment for rendered services, but we would very much appreciate a timely notice in the event that a payment cannot be made in a timely manner. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions of Services for information regarding payments in the Payment section.

How do you gain access to my home or business if I am not there?

Security of your home or business is our highest concern. We prefer that you give us a key, which we label with a non-traceable number to your home or business. If your property has an alarm (or garage) code, we would also prefer that you give us this information as well to gain entry when you are not available. Your key and/or alarm (or garage) code is kept in a safe at The Cleaning Ladies, LLC. headquarters. Any key and/or alarm (or garage) code is issued out to your cleaner on the day of service and is returned to the management at The Cleaning Ladies, LLC. at the end of the work day.

What if I prefer not to give you a key and/or alarm code?

Other arrangements can be made and someone will have to be present when the cleaners arrive to let them in. Please ask your customer care representative for more information on when to expect your Cleaning Team.

What if I am not satisfied with the job provided?

Our goal is for that to never happen. But if it does, please telephone our office or send us an e-mail within 12 hours of the unsatisfactory service and discuss it with us. You may also contact our Field Managers or Team Leaders to discuss any unsatisfactory area with them. We will be happy to re-clean any areas to your satisfaction for FREE at our earliest convenience and may offer you a special offer to make up for any disappointment we may have caused you.

What if I need to reschedule a scheduled cleaning service? What is a postponement surcharge?

We kindly ask that all customers please notify us at least twenty-four (24) hours in advanced prior to any scheduled cleanings for all rescheduling or postponement requests. Excessive (2 or more) postponements or reschedule requests (or actions) of less than twenty-four (24) hours' notice, or no notice at all, within a thirty (30) day period will result in a one-time Cancellation Fee that will be assessed to the Cleaning Rate on the next scheduled cleaning visit. We completely understand that our cleaning services may be scheduled on a day where there were just a million other things going on. We know that cleaning can wait on these particular days. Unfortunately, any lapse in scheduled cleaning services requires more time and detail from our cleaners during the next visit. In other words, dirt and dust accumulate in our properties daily and the more time a property goes without our cleaning services, the more there is to clean and remove on the next visit. Any cancellation requests, that is if a customer would like to skip or alter a scheduled cleaning service, is deemed as a "Postponement" by our company. Because of the additional time required to remove the mentioned accumulation of excess dirt and dust, we impose a Postponement Surcharge that amounts to $10.00 per week that our services are postponed. Basically, this surcharge offsets the additional time spent by our staff thoroughly cleaning the property and must be paid on/by the next scheduled cleaning visit. If a scheduled cleaning service is successfully rescheduled within the same work week (Monday - Friday), a Postponement Surcharge is not applicable. For example, a Bi-Weekly (every two week) Residential Customer wishes to skip one service and continue with the following scheduled service. So, The Cleaning Ladies must now clean four weeks' worth of dirt and dust rather than two weeks' worth of dirt and dust on the following scheduled cleaning service. That customer would simply pay a Postponement Surcharge of $20.00 in addition to the Bi-Weekly Cleaning Rate on the following visit, or simply a fraction of the Bi-Weekly Cleaning Rate if that customer had not postponed service initially.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes. We can provide documentation upon request.

Will you provide me with an invoice at the end of each month?

For Residential Customers, if requested, one can be e-mailed to the address we have on file. Commercial Customers receive a monthly Account Statement that is automatically sent on or around the first of each month following the prior service month.

Do I need to leave cleaning instructions for my cleaner?

No, in fact we take care of all that for you! Prior to the Initial Deep Clean, we will take notes with all important information regarding any special requests you may have. Please call our office with any updates so we can provide you with a consistent service.

Can I get a quote over the phone?

Unfortunately, no. It is difficult for us to understand the needs of your property without actually seeing it. Also, we want to meet you to understand your expectations and concerns. We require a walk-through of all properties prior to any quotes given, for both Residential and Commercial Customers. We schedule walk-throughs at your convenience, Monday-Saturday (until noon on Saturdays).

How often do you clean?

As often as you need us to. Daily, Weekly, Monthly or even One-Time cleaning services are available. Residential customers have the option to choose from One-Time, Weekly, Bi-Weekly (Every 2 Weeks), or Monthly (Every 4 Weeks) cleaning services. Commercial customers have the option to choose any frequency desired as long as we are able to accommodate them in terms of scheduling and manpower.

Do you clean after special events?

Yes, we do. Please call us prior to any special events to schedule a Special Service so we can accommodate you in a timely manner.

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